Boutique coffee

A world of coffee in Boutique Central

At Boutique Central we prepare our coffee from a mixture of coffee that comes to us from the home of the Dada, a local Israeli culinary house located in Hod Hasharon.

The coffee always comes to us fresh, with no intermediate stages of storage and obsolescence. The coffee beans are cool for us only when ordered, in small portions, so keep the rich flavors and aromas of the coffee in full and at their peak.

Boutique Central has created a unique blend of coffee for you Combining rich flavors and qualities. The combination of the finest coffee varieties, with complementary characteristics and different countries, is based on research and extensive knowledge and ensures aromatic coffee, with velvety texture, which gives you an experience A wonderful and lasting taste.

Our coffee is also sold for home use – in various types of tehina – turkish, espresso, kinta filter. 39 ₪ for 250 grams.

Also, at our Rothschild 1 store you can find a variety of other coffee blends that are grounded Instead, organic coffee, decaffeinated coffee, special mixes for black coffee and more.