Boutique Central - Patisserie - My neighborhood’s sweet spot

For over a decade, Boutique Central has been the neighborhood’s sweet spot. In the morning, on the way to work, to school and kindergarten, and throughout the day – anytime we need.
Whenever we need cookies or refreshments for the office, when celebrating a birthday or an event, and when we want a cake for the weekend.
The pleasant atmosphere, the professional service and those familiar, smiling faces – of staff and regulars meeting up every morning at the Boutique, create a diverse, colorful, morning routine, of regulars and visitors from across the city.
Every morning a fresh array of pastries is on display in Boutique Central: hand-made croissants, sweet and savory pastries, rich brioches, excellent boutique sandwiches prepared daily with wonderful varying flavors, and all this come with our renowned quality coffee that leaves a taste for more…
On the kitchen counter, as a gift to a host or as a treat for home – everyone loves to give and receive our cookies, macaroons and pralines.
With a rich variety of cakes, colorful macaroons, Parve cakes and vegan treats – Boutique Central caters for the city’s diversity of cultures and life styles, making a place for itself in Israeli daily life, offering high-quality, affordable and accessible products.