• Breakfast pastries

    Our breakfast pastries are famously fresh and crispy, rolled by hand daily in our pastry work-shop. We use quality materials and all our croissants are made with butter.

    Breakfast pastries
  • Savory pastry

    Boutique Central offers a wide range of savory pastries: an excellent variety of quiches, crackers and grissini, as well as breakfast pastries such as burek, focaccia and richly stuffed calzone.

    Savory pastry
  • Cookies

    Boutique Central offers its customers a daily variety of flavors. Rich butter cookies, chocolate cookies, heart shaped cookies with jam, French financier and more. In addition, we carry sugar-free cookies, gluten-free cookies, vegan cookies and Parve cookies.

  • Boutique cakes

    Boutique Central offers a rich variety of mousse cakes and pies in different flavors and sizes, on the counter and upon order. Our mousse cakes are sumptuous in look and in flavor, meticulously prepared from quality ingredients.

    Boutique cakes
  • Pound cakes and yeast cakes

    Sumptuous Kranz cakes from buttery yeast pastry with a variety of fillings. Classic sponge cakes, hand-made with only natural ingredients and fresh fruits.

    Pound cakes and yeast cakes
  • Macaroons and petit fours

    Boutique Central offer the best of French patisserie: classic macaroons in a variety of flavors and colors, mini éclairs and a range of petit fours – tiny, wonderfully delicious bite-size cakes.

    Macaroons and petit fours
  • Parve cakes

    A variety of Kosher Parve cakes, soft and rich and great as dessert. Among our Parve treats you will find various mousse cakes, macaroon cookies, sponge cakes and cookies, as well as personal desserts.

    Parve cakes
  • Special events

    Traditional cakes and pastries are available on the holidays.

    Special events